“Very useful knowledge for the changes that are coming in Australia regarding the conduct of clinical trials [in 2023-24].”

I’ve attended quite a few PRAXIS workshops now. The content across the workshops I’ve attended has always been presented in clear and accessible ways, and I always come away with a sense of how I can utilise that information in my role.

The whole [HREC] course was extremely valuable and provided a lot of useful information and perspectives that certainly helped to broaden my understanding of the role of HRECs.

PRAXIS Australia is a leading Australian and International NFP education and training provider. Our training offers are built upon the competencies developed by the Harvard Multi-Regional Trials Centre (MRCT) and aligned to competencies recommended by the NHMRC.

These training offers are regarded as a benchmark for researchers, clinical trials, and healthcare professionals in Australia and internationally.

PRAXIS is successfully building the confidence, competence and capability of the clinical trials, medtech, research and ethics sectors.  We are achieving this by collaborating with government, industry, academia and advocacy organisations across the sector.

How to start your year strong in clinical research

30 July 2024, 10.00am – 2.00pm

Suitable for those working across the development lifecycle of Medical Devices including regulators, industry, researchers, research site staff and HREC and governance.

Part 1: 7 August 2024, 10.00am – 2.00pm

Part 2: 14 August 2024, 10.00am – 2.00pm

An essential solution to strengthen or refresh your knowledge of key concepts that are vital for your role, so that you’re working to the correct standards.

20 August 2024, 10.00am – 2.00pm

Join us in this interactive workshop where you will learn the key strategies for fostering an environment that encourages your team to thrive.

27 August 2024, 10.00am – 2.00pm

Explore techniques to amplify the voices of consumers while fostering a collaborative environment that drives meaningful impact.

4 September 2024, 10.00am – 2.00pm

Gain expert guidance on your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) development, and how to align your SOPs to quality management principles and standards.

10 September 2024, 10.00am – 2.00pm

This workshop will consider local regulatory requirements and guidance documents related to monitoring of ethically approved research and clinical trials.  

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