Are you looking for more in 2024?

Enrolments now open – NEW 2024 workshops Just like many, you may be looking for more in the year ahead, and we’d like to help you get there. That’s why we’re offering you first access and exclusive savings on our new 2024 virtual workshops. Our new and updated live interactive workshops will give you access to […]

Three reasons why you and your team need refresher training

Why is refresher training essential for a successful career in research and clinical trials? . Firstly, the research and clinical trial landscape is rapidly evolving: teletrials, AI, the National Clinical Trials Governance Framework, and updates to sector guidelines. Reviewing key concepts allows you to adapt your skills and knowledge to change and help you feel in […]

New career pathways into ground-breaking treatments for those working in rare and untreatable cancers in Australia

Leading education provider PRAXIS Australia has partnered with Omico to deliver a ground-breaking, innovative program that will open new cancer treatment paths and clinical trial careers for Australians. Omico’s Precision Oncology Screening Platform Enabling Clinical Trials (PrOSPeCT) is a ground-breaking initiative that harnesses cutting-edge technology in precision medicine and comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) to accelerate […]

PRAXIS Australia’s support of the Voice

PRAXIS Australia’s support of the Voice PRAXIS Australia supports the proposed amendment to the Australian Constitution to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the First Peoples of Australia.

Are your medical device trials up to date with regulations?

The TGA have strict regulations for medical devices. Requirements continue to evolve as advancements in technology increase the complexity of medical devices. Now is the time to strengthen your knowledge of best practice to ensure your research with medical devices leads to excellent science and reduced risk. GCP for Devices is an expert-led workshop designed […]

New program strengthening Australia’s clinical trial workforce

The impact of COVID-19 increased the demand for clinical trials professionals exponentially. Australia’s clinical trials skills shortage has a simple cause, increased demand and reduced supply. The need for skilled clinical trial professionals has skyrocketed. Factors fuelling CT skills shortages Australia-wide include: increased growth of demand for clinical trials; increased reputation of Australia’s clinical trials […]

Are you prepared for 2023?

The skills and knowledge required in clinical trials, research and ethics are constantly changing. You can take advantage of our flexible and innovative training offers to ensure that you are prepared for these changes and new and updated sector guidelines. Our courses will help you get ready for the National Clinical Trials Governance Framework assessments […]

A significant project to optimise Australia’s clinical trials

  PRAXIS has secured a significant project and will work in collaboration with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care to improve the confidence and capability of the clinical trials workforce in Australia. The National Clinical Trials Governance Framework is a step towards consistent accreditation of clinical trial sites. PRAXIS has been […]

Why you need sharp research finance skills

Regardless of your role in research and clinical trials, knowledge and understanding of finance is highly useful. See the top 5 reasons to sharpen your research finance skills in the infographic below.     You can enhance your research finance knowledge in just 4 hours in our Optimising Your Research Budget workshop. 💡📊 See more […]

Optimise your research knowledge and skills

Studies have shown that group learning is more beneficial than studying alone. Interactive and expert-led, our workshops are a perfect way to improve your critical thinking, build your expertise, and explore unique issues with others in the sector. Over the coming weeks, you can gain the most up to date knowledge and skills by enrolling […]

Research is complex. Managing it doesn’t have to be.

“Presented really well and felt like I learnt a lot. Even though I’m not a Project Manager yet, it’s given me the confidence to know I’m on the right track and what I need to work on. 10/10 would recommend!” – Clinical Trial Coordinator, CMAX    “It was well delivered with good content, appropriate length […]