Optimise your research knowledge and skills

Studies have shown that group learning is more beneficial than studying alone. Interactive and expert-led, our workshops are a perfect way to improve your critical thinking, build your expertise, and explore unique issues with others in the sector. Over the coming weeks, you can gain the most up to date knowledge and skills by enrolling […]

Research is complex. Managing it doesn’t have to be.

“Presented really well and felt like I learnt a lot. Even though I’m not a Project Manager yet, it’s given me the confidence to know I’m on the right track and what I need to work on. 10/10 would recommend!” – Clinical Trial Coordinator, CMAX    “It was well delivered with good content, appropriate length […]

20% Bonus Tax Deduction on Your Training

The government is helping small businesses upskill their staff by introducing the Skills and Training Boost. You can now access a 20% bonus tax deduction on external training for staff. There’s no limit on how much you can spend, however the guidelines are: Training must be provided by and external education provider registered in Australia […]

ICH E8 (R1) revision: are you up to date?

Research staff, did you see the International Committee for Harmonisation (ICH) released an updated version of ICH E8 (R1) last month? These new guidelines will shape how we design, conduct and manage clinical trials now and into the future. We have updated our courses in response to these revisions so you can become familiar with […]

Partners Unite to Strengthen Post-Pandemic Clinical Trials Sector

Have you seen Research Australia’s latest INSPIRE issue? This issue highlights how PRAXIS Australia is collaborating with leading industry partners to strengthen Australia’s clinical trials workforce. Our featured clinical trials focused program is built from our expert-led training solutions Clinical Trials 101 workshop series, Clinical Trials Core Skill Sets, and Research Essentials. These solutions are […]

4 reasons why you need to apply marketing tactics to your clinical trial

4 reasons why you need to apply marketing tactics to your clinical trial   “Our future success is directly proportional to our ability to understand, adopt and integrate new technology into our work.” – Sukant Ratnakar – CEO, Quantraz Inc.   Recruiting can be one of the most challenging aspects of a clinical trial. It […]

Achieve peak performance with the latest skills

Research and clinical trial roles require a diverse skillset to achieve peak performance and desired research outcomes. It’s also crucial to keep up to date with the latest laws and regulations to avoid risk or failing an audit. Over the coming weeks, you can gain the most up to date knowledge and skills by enrolling […]

Create your own learning adventure


Your learning needs are unique. It may be hard to meet these needs with a generic education program. So how can you develop the appropriate skills you need specifically for your role? Create your own learning adventure tailored specifically to you with our Core Skill Sets. Adopting a learner-centred approach, Core Skill Sets empowers you […]

Why upskilling is vital in 2022

upskilling, invest

Gain an edge and invest in you this year. Upskilling is essential for the future of work. To keep up with industry changes, it’s vital you invest in your professional development to ensure you have updated skills necessary for industry changes and the future of work.   Why upskilling is vital today The pandemic has shown […]