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HREC Self Evaluation Guide


3. Who is to be involved?

It is important to be clear on who will be included, and excluded, in your self-evaluation process. The breadth of participants is relevant to the scope of your process and the method(s) you adopt.

Potential participants include:


    • HREC administrative/secretarial staff
    • HREC members
    • HREC chair and deputy chair
    • Institutional staff involved in research integrity and governance

External (if relevant)

    • Researchers who have submitted applications in the previous 12 months
    • Partner organisations
    • Community members of a relevant committee in the host organisation (e.g., consumer representative committee utilised by researchers for advice or recruitment)

For simplicity, time, and resources sake, most self-evaluations are confined to HREC committee members and associated support staff. However, it may be appropriate and advantageous to expand the participant group.

Regardless of who is involved, it is important to ensure that participants understand their role, the objectives of the evaluation, and what is expected of them.