Research staff, did you see the International Committee for Harmonisation (ICH) released an updated version of ICH E8 (R1) last month?

These new guidelines will shape how we design, conduct and manage clinical trials now and into the future.

We have updated our courses in response to these revisions so you can become familiar with the new guidelines in a comprehensive and interactive way.

Clinical Trials 101 and Clinical Trials Core Skill Sets offer you flexible, accessible solutions to get up to date with the new guidelines.

Keeping up to date with these internationally accepted guidelines will ensure:


Failing to stay informed of new guidelines can lead to ineffective and low quality research outcomes, risks to patient safety, and regulatory authorities not accepting your data and results.

These revisions will impact routine practice, so it’s vital you are familiar with them.

Ensure you are working to the standards expected of you by upskilling today.


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