Learning Opportunities

PRAXIS Australia provides an array of training resources for ethics committee, researchers, clinical trialists and others involved in the planning, review and conduct of research. Our offerings include short courses, nationally recognised accredited qualifications and access to tertiary level learning opportunities through our Member organisations.

Our approach to the delivery of training aims to be less centralised, by facilitating training in smaller metropolitan regions as well as larger metropolitan centres, utilising resources of local, skilled experts who share our vision and commitment. We will provide our services wherever the need exists, and ensure that our training is customised to the needs of our clients.

All of our services are guided by consultation with the communities we aim to assist, and are provided under the guidance of advisory and other committees that represent thought leaders and experts from across the broader communities we serve. 

Research Essentials: Developing Excellence in Research Design and Practice

What is Research Essentials?

Research Essentials is a unique research training resource that has been designed to deliver a world class program to meet the specific needs of all those involved in research while also enabling learners to pick and choose from a diverse range of subjects so that they can design a training program that best meets their needs.

The program is comprised of 6 internationally accepted core Competency Units and associated Modules and a selection of Electives. In total there are 68 unique modules and electives to choose from. 

Research Essentials has been designed and written by a group of over 60 of Australia's leaders in the fields of research, science and research ethics and represents a new and innovative model of education for the Australian research workforce and is based on the work of the Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard (MRCT Centre). PRAXIS is an Australian partner of the Centre. Click to read more about the MRCT Centre's work.


Why should you do this course? 

Research Essentials is designed to improve research efficiency, increase research outputs, drive innovative research and minimise research risk. All those involved in research understand that researchers and members of  the research management, review and governance workforce need life-long continuing education to maintain and extend their skills and to ensure that they are able to respond to rapid innovation in their field. This model is designed to meet the diverse needs of all members of the research workforce. 


Who has Research Essentials been designed for?

Research Essentials has been designed to cater to the needs of Australia's diverse research workforce, across disciplines and settings. If you are a Researcher or Investigator, Research Coordinator or Nurse, Research Manager or Assistant , Research Ethics, Governance or Integrity personnel, working in Industry, Health Care or the Academic sector, this course has something to offer you. 


2020 Year of the Nurse Scholarship Round: Application Form

In 2020 we celebrate the inaugural Year of the Nurse and pay homage to the incredible support nurses provide to our vibrant Clinical Trials sector across Australia. We value your contributions.  

PRAXIS is offering 25 scholarships to the value of $550 that can be used across any of our online training models. The terms are as follows:

  • The scholarship must be accepted within 2 weeks of award
  • Training must be completed within 6 months of acceptance – unless agreed otherwise
  • You must be a nurse, (enrolled or registered) working in the clinical trials sector
  • You must not have previously been awarded a scholarship with PRAXIS
  • You must agree to provide feedback on your experience after completion of your scholarship
  • The scholarship funds can also be used as a “2 for 1” deposit for a workshop session

if you are happy to agree to these terms, please proceed with your application form (here) and submit to us at info@praxisaustralia.com.au, by no later than 28 February 2020.

Scholarships will be awarded in the first week of March 2020.

If you have any questions you can call us on 08 8122 4576 or contact us via email as per the address above.




How long does the training take to complete? 

This will depend on your choices. Each module takes between 2-4 hours to complete and each elective between 3-5 hours.  You can choose to do one single module or elective or a combination of electives and modules. There are numerous options and variations available to you . Our unique enrolment process can also help by designing the best course for you, depending on your background, experience and needs.  Design your own adventure or let us do it for you! 

Is there a full list of course options and module details available to review to help me select the best training pathway?

Yes. You can download an overview of the course options and a full list of the module and elective descriptions here. If you would like to find out more information or have questions, please contact us to speak to our staff who will be available to discuss the options that are most suitable to your needs. A full range of staff contact details can be found here.

Skills Sets

Our Skills Set model makes choosing the right training pathway simpler. Each Skill Set is comrpised of 8 modules and electives and is ideal for those that aren't sure what is the best pathway of study for them and don't necessarily want to undertake a full course. Download a brochure that descibes the Skills Set model here.

How much does it cost?

PRAXIS Australia is a not for profit company committed to supporting the research sector through the creation of new services. We recognise that cost is a barrier to accessing ongoing training and professional development for many. We have ensured that the cost for our training is kept as affordable as possible to encourage the research workforce broadly to participate in upskilling through our services. In summary, the prices are as follows: 

  1. Course: $2200 (plus gst) 
  2. Competency Unit: $825 (plus gst)
  3. Skills Set: $825 (plus gst)
  4. Module: $165 (plus gst)
  5. Elective: $250 (plus gst)

More information about prices can be found here.

I am ready to enrol - what next?

The enrolment process is very quick and simple and can be completed online. The link to our enrolment form is here.  Choose "Research Essentials" in the drop down list. Once you have submitted an enrolment form our staff will contact you via email . An invoice will be issued and upon receipt of your enrolment form, and once payment is received, you will be issued access to your selections. 

You can amend your selections at any time by submitting a change request via the enrolment interface. This ensures you have the freedom to revise your study pathway as your needs change. 


PRAXIS Intensive Research Ethics Course

PRAXIS, in collaboration with The Center for Ethics in Medicine and Society and Sydney Health Ethics (previously known as the Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine - VELiM), offers a highly regarded intensive Research Ethics Course that is convened by PRAXIS Directors Paul Komesaroff and Ian Kerridge, with a team of guest presenters that are recognised as some of Australia’s leading research ethics experts. 

Topics Covered ( may vary) : 

  • Philosophical and historical foundations of research ethics
  • Problems in clinical trials
  • Research in human genetics
  • Research involving particular cultural groups
  • Qualitative research
  • Consent to participation in research
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Confidentiality and Privacy
  • Ethics committee processes and problems
  • Monitoring of research


Peppers Craigieburn, NSW, Centennial Rd. Bowral. 

Sunday 14 June - Thursday 18 June - This event has been CANCELLED due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in accordance with advice from the NSW Health Department. Please contact Victoria Baldwin for any addtional information about this event.

Enrolment Contact: vbaldwin@praxisaustralia.com.au


Bellinzona Grange Country Retreat, Hepburn Springs, VIC

2020 Dates Coming Soon!

Enrolment Contact: vbaldwin@praxisaustralia.com.au 



2020 DATES  - Bowral Dates now available

This intensive course is conducted as a five day retreat and is designed to assist researchers, ethics committee members and others involved in the conduct and assessment of research to understand and clarify the issues arising in relation to research of all kinds involving human participants. It provides an opportunity for members of the research and research ethics communities to come together to discuss the issues they face and share their experiences.

The course aims to give registrants an appreciation of the philosophical and ethical issues underlying research involving human participants, an understanding of the issues relating to different research methodologies and research involving special populations and an ability to appreciate trials.


Future dates and venues:

Bowral IREC Retreat

Peppers Craigieburn, Centennial Road, Bowral NSW

Flyer: Click here >>>>>>>

Registration Form: Click here >>>>>>>

Bellinzona IREC Retreat

Bellinzona Grange Country Retreat, Hepburn Springs, VIC

Additional Details:

Coming Soon 


If you would like to know more, please complete a “register your interest” form and one of our staff will be in touch; or

Contact PRAXIS staff to talk in person about the course and its relevance to your needs.


HREC Essentials | Nationally Accredited HREC Training

NEW! Updated Content in 2019

HREC Essentials Training Course | Australia's only accredited training course for Human Research Ethics Committees

PRAXIS offers the Australian human research ethics and research communities the only nationally recognised and accredited, comprehensive training course in Human Research Ethics. The purpose of this course is to provide Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) Members, HREC administrators and those involved with the planning, conduct and review of research involving humans with a deeper understanding of the purpose and function of an HREC and their role within these committees.

The course provides a rich and unique resource of writings, videos and case studies through which students will develop an expanded appreciation of the philosophical and ethical issues underlying research involving human participants. The course is comprised of ten units of online study, designed and written by leading experts in the field of Human Research Ethics. The course outline is described below:

  • Unit 1  An Introduction to Human Research Ethics
  • Unit 2  The Human Research Ethics Committee
  • Unit 3  The Values and Principles of Ethical Conduct
  • Unit 4  Social, behavioural and humanities research; specific considerations for HRECs
  • Unit 5  Clinical Research; specific considerations for HRECs
  • Unit 6  Risks and Benefits in Research
  • Unit 7  Consent and alternatives
  • Unit 8  Accounting for ethically significant differences in research populations
  • Unit 9  Specific roles and responsibilities of HREC members and administrators
  • Unit 10 Ethics submissions - Standard considerations and national frameworks

Each unit is comprised of various resources and short activities that allow students to assess their learning as they progress through the units.

In order to attain the VET accredited certification, students are required to participate in a 4 hour workshop on completion of all 10 online units of study. The workshops are facilitated by leading experts in the field of human research ethics and are conducted at various locations nationally. Workshops can also be convened locally (onsite) where applicable. A minimum number of 10 students is required to make this possible. The workshops provide an important opportunity for students to engage with thought leaders and their peers in a supportive learning environment and require students to demonstrate the application of their skills and knowledge in a practical way, via HREC simulation exercises that are tailored to the needs of the workshop participants.

This is a nationally accredited course – which means the qualifications attained are formally recognised across other settings including tertiary academic institutions, providing a pathway to continued educational opportunities. On successful completion of this course students will receive a certification that is endorsed through our partner in VET accredited training, RMIT University.

The anticipated course duration is 3 months, with an average time commitment of 1.5 hours per week.

* Please note: Students are encouraged to complete the course within 6 months from the time of issue of course access. Extensions may be granted under special circumstances but an Administration Fee of 30% of the total charge will be applied after 6 months if an extension has not been negotiated. This Administration Fee will allow access to course materials for an additional 3 months maximum.

Workshop Dates and Locations 

(note: workshops are included in the price of the course. There is no additional charge for attending.) 

Workshop dates and venues are flexible. Contact our staff to discuss which workshop date and venue suits you.

This course is always open for enrolment and you can commmence at any time. If you wish to enrol you can do so very simply by completing our online enrolment form.

To access more information about this course, you can either:

Tertiary Learning Pathways

Our academic sector member organisations, two of Australia’s flagship academic institutions, collectively offer a vast array of pathways for students who wish to undertake tertiary study.  

University of Sydney

Sydney School of Public Health


The Sydney Bioethics Program provides a unique educational experience that brings together students, researchers and practitioners from health, the humanities and social sciences. It addresses the urgent need for postgraduate ethics education among researchers and practitioners in health related fields and disciplines such as medicine, nursing, public health, health law, and public policy.

Qualitative Health Research

Qualitative research is increasingly common in health-related fields including medicine, public health, nursing, allied health, dentistry and health policy. Qualitative health research aims to provide a deeper knowledge of how health fits into people’s everyday lives and how health and medical organisations work. It provides evidence to policymakers, clinicians, health promotion professionals and consumers.

Qualitative health researchers observe people as they go about their usual activities, interview people, conduct focus groups and examine documents and images. They systematically analyse the resulting data to gain a better understanding of issues as they arise in the ordinary social world.

Other Postgraduate Coursework programs 

NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre

The University of Western  Australia  is introducing a new course in 2016.  The Master of Social Research Methods delivers highly transferable and much sought after social research skills with a ‘hands on’ approach, giving students the skills to find information on pressing social questions. It also provides the skills needed to prepare the and present much needed research findings in ways that have an impact.

The course is designed for either recent graduates from any degree and major who want to pursue a career in social research or for graduates already in the workforce that want to gain further knowledge to advance their career opportunities in the field of social research methods. This is a two-year full time course or five-year (maximum) part time course.  Intake is at the beginning of the year only (February).  

Further details about the course can be found here.


Future Courses

Each year we consider the market needs as we plan our new menu of workshops and webinars, to complement our other models including Research Essentials. This comprehensive programme provides a unique training experience for Researchers, Research Coordinators and Managers, Governance and Integrity staff and HREC Executives and Members. This programme offers flexible, CPD applicable, modular based training that applies internationally accepted competency frameworks. 

If you would like to be involved in helping us to design and deliver our online training or workshops, please contact our staff at info@praxisaustralia.com.au


We are continually building upon our menu of services, ensuring we provide resources that are responsive to the rapidly changing needs of the Human Research Ethics, Clinical Trials and Research communities in Australia and internationally.

This includes:

  • Tailored Training - delivered "at your door". 
  • Training Needs Analysis and Training Plan Development
  • Research Integrity - Training for staff and students.Supporting institutions to meet their requirements 
  • GCP Inspection readiness - preparing your site 
  • HREC Process Evaluation Services - talk to us to find out more about this service.
  • HREC LNR review framework development
  • Design and build of online learning content for clients
  • Creation of bespoke training packages for organisations and institutions  - online, face to face or hybrid (a combination of online and face to face)  
  • Consultancy Services

We value your input. Please send any questions, suggestions or recommendations for future training and support services to us at info@praxisaustralia.com.au

New Webinar Offerings: Building Resilience in times of Covid-19

NEW WEBINARS: Review our recently released menu of webinars to help you to manage your sites, research and clinical trials, with a particular focus on resilience in the era of Covid-19.  

We will invite sector experts to contribute to our webinars, so that the advice you are receiving is relevant and current. Together, we can find strategies to ensure our sector remains strong and that collectively we can emerge from the other side of the pandemic, strong and dependable. 

Enrol here: https://praxisaustralia.com.au/enrol-now

Webinar Menu

New Date! 16 April 2020: 11am-12pm $50pp plus GST 
Creating your Clinical Trials Business Continuity Plan  

10 April 2020: 9am -1pm $150pp plus GST
TransCelerate endorsed GCP training 

New Session! 14 April 2020: 11am-12pm $50pp plus GST
Remote Monitoring and IP Dispensing in Covid-19

20 April 2020: 11am-12pm $50pp plus GST
Best Practice Guidance for Clinical Trial Sites in Covid-19: Consolidating the information  

08 May 2020: 9am -1pm $150pp plus GST
TransCelerate endorsed GCP training 

18 May 2020: 11am-12pm $50pp plus GST
Stategies for participant recruitment, retention and effective communication in clinical trials - 

09 June 2020: 11am-12pm $50pp plus GST
Leadership and management skills in times of uncertainty 

12 June 2020: 9am -1pm $150pp plus GST
TransCelerate endorsed GCP training  

06 July 2020:11am-12pm $50pp plus GST
Writing SOPs - the basics 

24 July 2020: 11am-12pm $50pp plus GST
Quality Management Systems: An introduction

Webinar Session Details 

New Date! Thursday 16 April 2020: Creating your Clinical Trials Business Continuity Plan 

Our clinical trials sector is feeling the impacts of the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic. One way to better understand and articulate the risks and strategies for managing these threats, is to develop a Business Continuity Plan. These very practical tools will help you to organise your planning in a more strategic manner. These processes will help you to feel more confident about your management strategies and provide a framework for communicating to your staff, clients and other stakeholders your current and future plans. 

In this webinar, we will provide you with a practical tool that you can use locally. We will help you to understand how this tool can be used to help you to communicate your business resilience strategy and provided advice on what are some of the essential elements you should be considering. 

Facilitator: Melanie Gentgall, CEO PRAXIS Australia

Time: 11am -12midday

Cost: $50pp plus GST

Enrol here: https://praxisaustralia.com.au/enrol-now


TransCelerate endorsed GCP training: Various dates - see calendar above

In conjunction with Sophie Mepham GCP, we are offering sites and institutions a markedly reduced price webinar based GCP training option. With an influx of new Clinical Trials to test new treatments for Covid-19, there is an increased need to ensure that staff are adequately trained in GCP as a minimum standard. We offer a webinar based training platform that can be used by sites and institutions to support their staff and protect the safety and welfare of research participants. These training sessions can be accessed by your staff remotely - from home or wherever they may be.  

These sessions cover the required minimum GCP elements, as articulated by TransCelerate, to provide evidence of compliance with GCP, which is crtiical in these times, as new staff are recuited to help manage an influx of activity and to also ensure your site and institution remain compliant with the minimum requirements. 

Certificates of attainment will be issued to all attendees after each session .

Facilitator: Dr Sophie Mepham, National Research Manager, GenesisCare

Time: See calendar above for dates and times

Cost: $150pp plus GST

Enrol here: https://praxisaustralia.com.au/enrol-now


New! Tuesday 14th April: Remote Monitoring and IP Management: Covid-19

Usual practices for sponsor monitoring of clinical trials and dispensing and reconciliation practices for Investigational products are being signficantly disrupted by the current coronavirus pandemic. What are some of the options that might be available to sites to help them to manage this "new normal" and what guidance can they apply to help them to naviagte through the next months ahead.  

Facilitator: Allan Bukuya, Founder, Business Development, Trial Docs, Claire Vosk, Clinical Trials Pharmacist, Monash Health 

Time: See calendar above for dates and times

Cost: $50pp plus GST

Enrol herehttps://praxisaustralia.com.au/enrol-now


Monday 20th April:  Best Practice Guidance for Clinical Trial Sites in Covid-19: Consolidating the information

There has been an array of important advice provided globally and nationally for managing clinical trials in these uncertain times. But synthesing that information and  understanding how to interpret and apply it can feel overwhelming for many. In this webinar, we will bring together that advice and help you to better understand which elements you can adopt (and adapt) and to reassure you that help and advice is at hand. It is critical at this time that we are all working together to ensure that clear and consistent information is being delivered and that we understand how that can be used to help support our clinical trials buisnesses and ensure the safety and well being of our trial participants. 

Facilitator: Nicola Straiton, ACTA Senior Project Officer

Time: 11am -12midday

Cost: $50pp plus GST

Enrol here: https://praxisaustralia.com.au/enrol-now


Monday 18th May 2020: Strategies for participant recruitment, retention and effective communication in clinical trials

As the need for social distancing increases, the number of staff on site in hospitals and other health care settings for non essential care will fall. Research participants will likely be less willing to continue in current studies and the commencement of new studies that aren't Covid-19 related are likely to fall signficantly. As you plan for what to do with your own research,its critical to understand the role of technology for recruiting, enrolling and retaining participants in clinical trials. The usual practices can no longer apply - but how can we adapt what we do now to support us for the future,  given that the timeline of these Covid-19 related impacts remains unclear? This webinar will help you to understand the kinds of small or substantial changes you can adopt today to future proof your studies.   

Facilitator: Simone Spark - Senior Clinical Trials Manager, Monash University and Michelle Gallaher- CEO Opyl

Time: 11am -12midday

Cost: $50pp plus GST

Enrol here: https://praxisaustralia.com.au/enrol-now


Tuesday 9th June 2020: Leadership and Management skills in times of uncertainty

While no-one can predict the broader impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic confidently, it seems likely that a sense of uncertainty will be with us for some time to come. This uncertainty will spread through businesses at all levels, and the role of the leader is critcial at this time. The following four key concepts may help to diminish anxiety and build resilience: Inform, Connect, Guide, and Unite. In uncertain times, leaders need to demonstrate the way forward, reassuring their staff, and clients while demonstrating energy and providing inspiration. But none of this is easy. 

This webinar will help our research and clinical trials leaders and managers to better understand the kinds of activities and strategies they can implement today to support their research participants, their staff and also their other stakeholders to provide ressurance in times of uncertainty.   

Facilitator: Dr Tim Dyke, Executive Coach, Leading Well

Time: 11am -12midday

Cost: $50pp plus GST

Enrol here: https://praxisaustralia.com.au/enrol-now


Monday 6th July 2020: Writing SOPs - the basics 

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are written formal documents that describe how a person will perform a task, and how to document the performance of that task. They provide a set of ‘how to’ instructions : what to do, how to do it, when to do it and how to document the completion of the activity. SOPs define best practice in many businesses where quality standards exist, and are a critical element of a clinical trials practice, according to ICH GCP. 

As our sector is impacted by possible downturns in business related to Covid-19, now is a good time to review your internal processes and systems to ensure they are robust when we return to full operational capacity. 

There are already many templates available publicly that sites can use to develop their basic menu of SOPs. However each study may require its own new SOPs or Operating Guidelines created to support best practice.  Issues often raised when writing procedures include:

  • How SOPs, operational guidelines and other internal guidance documents relate to each other;
  • How much detail should be included in each document; and
  • How each document is going to be implemented and appropriate oversight and review procesess managed . 

This webinar will help sites to work their way through these common chalenegs and will provide additional templates that can be adapted to suit their own unique needs for current and future studies. 

Facilitator: Melanie Gentgall, CEO PRAXIS Australia, Dr Sophie Mepham GenesisCare 

Time: 11am -12midday

Cost: $50pp plus GST

Enrol here: https://praxisaustralia.com.au/enrol-now


Friday 17th July 2020: Quality Management Systems: An introduction 

Clinical Trials are conducted to collect the data necessary to provide information about the safety and efficacy of new treatments and interventions, that ensure that we as a society receive access to high quality, safe and efficacious treatments. Applying and adhering to Standards such as GCP and other local and international guidance provides a framework for compliance - but what about the "Quality" element that is now an essential component of clinical trial conduct?  

As our sector is impacted by possible downturns in business related to Covid-19, now is a good time to review your internal processes and systems to ensure they are robust when we return to full operational capacity. This webinar will introduce the essential elements of a Quality Management System (QMS), and provide you with the foundational skills to help you to develop a QMS locally. 

Facilitator: Jaspreet Sidhu - Senior Project Manager, Clinical Trials

Time: 11am -12midday

Cost: $50pp plus GST

Enrol herehttps://praxisaustralia.com.au/enrol-now



2020 Workshops: New Dates and Sessions Now Available

Workshop Deferrals: Covid-19

PRAXIS Australia rapidly responded to advice in early March to limit non-essential social interactions wherever possible, and immediately deferred workshops until further notice. We will be offering alternate dates or webinar based training sessions for now, until the situation becomes clearer. 

If you have any questions about a current enrolment, please contact us via email on info@praxisaustralia.com.au. We ask you to support our business and consider not requesting refunds wherever possible as we will be offering replacement sessions when the current advice is lifted - and will not time limit any transfer of enrolment fees. 

Talk to us about the delivery of an onsite workshop at any time. 

Essential Project Management Skills for Research and Clinical Trials


Project Management is an under recognised, but critical skill for successfully managing research. Clinical Trials are some of the most complex projects to manage, yet we often apply ad hoc approaches that have been learned by observation or handed down, that are typically not grounded in theory and evidence. Let us help you to improve the way you manage your studies from feasability through to close out, via the application of a tool kit of basic project management skills and knowledge specfically applied to the clinical trial setting. 

This introductory style workshop will cover key processes and strategies in project management. You will learn practical and essential skills for effective project management of clinical trials and research more generally. The basic skills of project management gained from this workshop will equip you to run your projects smoothly and seamlessly; on time and on budget. You'll walk away with a toolkit of resources that you can rapidly apply to your next project and a renewed sense of confidence.

What's included?

  • An introduction to Project Management theory
  • The role of the Project Manager
  • Project Management Phases in Clinical Trials: planning for your next clinical trial across the lifecycle
  • Stakeholders: identification, management, communication
  • Defining and Managing Project Scope
  • Risk Management including risk registers and reporting, root cause analysis and CAPA (corrective and preventative action) plans
  • Budgets
  • Personal Time Management 

Price: $550pp (plus GST). Discounts apply for group bookings of 10 or more

Session Times: 1000am to 1500pm

Enrolment: Enrol here. An invoice will be sent via email once your enrolment form is received.

​Dates and Locations: All dates have been deffered until futher notice 

11 March 2020 Brisbane: Deferred
12 June 2020 Melbourne: Deferred
18 June 2020 Sydney: Deferred
24 June 2020 Perth: Deferred
26 August 2020: Hobart Deferred
21 October 2020: Canberra Deferred

Click here to view our terms & conditions  Light lunch and all materials are supplied.


Introduction to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Workshops: On Demand Only!

Talk to us about how we can deliver Australia's best GCP training at your door. 


Working in partnership with Dr Sophie Mepham, PRAXIS Australia will again offer our highly regarded GCP small group training. These training courses provide research sites, institutions and staff such as researchers, research managers and coordinators, ethics, governance and research integrity officers with necessary knowledge and evidence of Transcelerate endorsed GCP training that is a requirement of most clinical research professionals.

Price: $550pp (plus GST). Discounts apply for group bookings of 10 or more.

​Dates and Locations:

Workshops will now only be conducted on demand and on location as required. Talk to us about this service at any time via email at info@praxisaustralia.com.au or by phone on 08 8122 4576.

Refresher GCP

A truncated  GCP 'refresher' training session for staff who need to update their qualification is also available on demand. Please talk to us at any time if you'd like to find out more information on 08 8122 4576 or via email at info@praxisaustralia.com.au.

Price: $350 pp plus GST

Click here to view our terms & conditions 

ONLINE GCP: Fast, effective, affordable and Australian centric

Our online, Transcelerate endorsed GCP Module is part of our Research Essentials training model (Module C5.01). This module can be completed in about 3 hours and you will receive a Transcelerate endorsed certificate of completion as evidence of training.

Enrolment: Enrol here. An invoice will be sent via email once your enrolment form is received.

Cost:$165pp plus GST.


Privacy in Research - What do you need to know? 

Essential knowledge for Researchers, Research Managers and Coordinators, HRECs and Research Governance staff.


Salinger Privacy is a specialist privacy consulting and training firm.  Founding Director Anna Johnston is one of Australia’s most respected experts in privacy law and practice and was the former Deputy Privacy Commissioner for NSW. Lead session facilitator and Privacy Learning Manager, Andrea Calleia has extensive experience in the learning and development field, managing the education program for the NSW Privacy Commissioner’s Office and also for Salinger Privacy. 

Ethical research requires consideration of “privacy and confidentiality” in research design and conduct. Federal, State and Territory privacy law delegates some important decision-making about when the use and disclosure of “personal information”
will be legally allowed.

What do these phrases mean? Where does ‘consent’ fit in? When can privacy considerations be overridden? 

This 4 hour workshop is specially designed to explain Federal and local jurisdictional privacy law, and its application to
research. This workshop is applicable to anyone involved in research design, conduct, ethical review and governance.

What's included?

Through small-group discussions, and the use of hypotheticals and case studies, we will cover the following topics:

  •          What is privacy?
  •          What is personal information?
  •          De-identification
  •          The privacy principles
  •          Which law applies when?
  •          Consent and capacity
  •          The research exemption
  •          A step-by-step flowchart guide to applying privacy guidance
  •          Resources​​

New inclusions

  • Privacy guidance relevant to the updated "National Statement" (2018)
  • What do you need to know about GDPR and your research?
  • New scenarios to complement your learning

Price: $550pp (plus GST). Discounts apply for group bookings of 10 or more.

Session Times: 0900am to 1300pm (times may vary by location) 

Dates and Locations: All dates have been deffered until futher notice 


29 April 2020 Adelaide: Deferred
18 May 2020 Brisbane: Webinar 
17 August 2020 Melbourne: Deferred

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Essential Business Management Skills for Research and Clinical Trials 


This introductory style workshop is designed to assist research and clinical trial professionals to increase their awareness of basic business skills and knowledge to enable them to take their career and their trial site to the next level of success. This workshop focuses on developing an understanding of business knowledge and management skills relative to clinical trials and is appropriate for all sites across various settings.

Students will also gain an awareness of how to best utilise digital and social media platforms to enhance trial recruitment and drive business visibility and growth.  

What's included?

During the workshop you will learn:

  • Basic financial management skills for clinical trial projects; including budget negotiation and contract management
  • Marketing your site; networking, social media and promotion
  • Modern participant recruitment strategies; being proactive in a digital age

Price: $550pp (plus GST). Discounts apply for group bookings of 10 or more.

Session Times: 1000am to 1500pm

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Dates and Locations: All dates have been deffered until futher notice 

01 May 2020 Adelaide: Deferred
22 May 2020 Perth: Deferred
17 July 2020 Sydney: Deferred
03 July 2020 Melbourne: Deferred
01 October 2020 Brisbane: Deferred

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Quality in Clinical Trials 

Let us help you understand and implement processes to support the new local regulatory guidelines and the latest ICH-GCP requirements that pertain to Quality in Clinical Trials..........


Clinical Trials are conducted to collect the data necessary to provide information about the safety and efficacy of new treatments and interventions, that ensure that we as a society receive access to high quality, safe and efficacious treatments. Applying and adhering to Standards such as GCP and other local and international guidance provides a framework for compliance - but what about the "Quality" element that is now an essential component of clinical trial conduct?  

Quality in Clinical Trials needs to be embedded across the lifecycle. It requires the development of robust Quality Management Systems (QMS)  that embed the principles of Quality by Design (QbD), and the application and implementation of Critical to Quality factors (CtQF) that help us to identify our core areas of focus . Utlimately these systems ensure that we protect the safety and welfare of our research participants and the reliability of our data - and that is our core mission.  

What's included? 

  1. Introduction to Quality in Clinical Trials - incorporating the influence of the ICH E6 and E8 changes and TGA and FDA guidance
  2. An introduction to Quality Management Systems - tools and guides
  3. Quality by Design and Critical Quality Factors- embedding these elements in your Clinical Trial planning, management and monitoring 
  4. Bringing it all together- How these elements prepare your site for GCP Inspection and Accreditation

Price: $550pp (plus GST). Discounts apply for group bookings of 10 or more

Session Times: 1000am  to 1500pm

Dates and Locations: All dates have been deferred until futher notice 




23 April 2020 Perth Deferred
28 May 2020 Melbourne Deferred
17 June 2020 Brisbane Deferred
06 August 2020 Adelaide Deferred

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Leadership and Management Essentials: Managing people and teams


This workshop is designed for middle managers, and for people aspiring to manage, who want a deeper insight into what it takes to more effectively lead and manage people and teams in a research and clinical trials environment across any setting.

What's included?

In this workshop you will consider key principles and practical aspects of managing and leading people in a research environment. The workshop will cover three critical aspects of leadership:

  1. Creating Meaning
  • What's my vision?
  • How do I tell people about it?
  1. Managing Energy
  • How do I care for myself?
  • How do I ensure staff are motivated?
  • How do I have challenging conversations?
  1.  Enabling Action
  • How can I make people accountable?
  • How can we best work as a team?

Time will be allocated for you to experience applying these to your work context and for group discussion.

As a special extra, you will receive a 30 min coaching session (by phone) 2 weeks later to check your progress in translating workshop actions into practice.

Price: $550pp (plus GST). Discounts apply for group bookings of 10 or more

Session Times: 1000am to 1500pm

Dates and Locations: All dates have been deferred until futher notice 




08 April 2020 Sydney Deferred
06 May 2020 Melbourne Deferred
22 October 2020 Canberra Deferred

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Monitoring Approved Research : Understanding how to manage research risk across your organisation 


This workshop will consider local regulatory requirements and guidance related to monitoring of ethically approved research and clinical trials. It will allow students to better understand the role, purpose and function of monitoring in clinical research, and the role and responsibility of the institution and HREC, and other key stakeholders including researchers and research support staff. Through discussion and case scenarios, we will explore expectations and requirements so that all students have a clearer sense of the role of monitoring as a critical aspect of clinical research practice.  

The workshop is intended for any person involved in the conduct, oversight or review of ethically approved clinical research in accordance with Chapter 5 of the NHMRC National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research 2007 (Updated 2018). HREC Executives, Research Governance Officers and Research Integrity Managers across all research settings, will find this relevant to their practice. 

This session will not address the role of monitoring by Sponsors and CROs relative to commercially sponsored research. 

Time will be allocated for students to experience applying monitoring to their work context, and for group discussion. We anticipate inviting a local person experienced in monitoring to each workshop to seek their perspective.

Price: $550pp (plus GST). Discounts apply for group bookings of 10 or more

Session Times: 1000am to 1500pm

Dates and Locations: All dates have been deferred until futher notice 




28 February 2020 Sydney Royal North Shore Hospital
25 March 2020 Canberra Deferred
25 June 2020 Perth Deferred

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Dowload the webinar recording and webinar presentation slides here: 

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February 4th, 2020. New Free Webinar! 1130am to 1230 pm AEDST

AIATSIS and PRAXIS webinar on the Code of Ethics for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Research

The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS), in collaboration with PRAXIS Australia,  will be presenting on the AIATSIS Code of Ethics for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research, formerly the Guidelines for Ethical Research in Australian Indigenous Studies (GERAIS). The presentation will cover the history of the guidelines, a summary of review presently, and an overview of the new code and structure.

To mark twenty years since the release of the GERAIS, AIATSIS began a substantial review of the guidelines resulting in the release of a Consultation Draft of the AIATSIS Code of Ethics for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research. The consultation draft was open to public consultation for a period from 1 July 2019 in which AIATSIS received over 80 submissions. AIATSIS expects to release a final AIATSIS Code of Ethics in early-mid 2020.














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