PRAXIS’ Commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities

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Statement of Support 

PRAXIS Australia is committed to supporting our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander friends, colleagues, and communities across Australia, and stand proudly alongside, as we together recognise the harms done over the last 232 years. As an organisation dedicated to excellence in research and research ethics, we recognise that we must be inclusive in the conceptualisation, design, conduct and reporting of research. We commit to work with agencies and organisations that represent our diverse cultural, gender and racial landscape to ensure these voices are amplified, and that respect, recognition, inclusion and equality are critical foundations for all research conducted across Australia. Not just for today. Not just for tomorrow. But for the future. 

PRAXIS’ Committed Actions

  • Publicly support and endorse the work of Institutions and agencies such as the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Lowijta Institute, Aboriginal Health Agencies, and other groups as listed on the Coalition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peak Organisations
  • Promote the foundations of respect, recognition, inclusion and equality in our work and our teachings
  • Support the established and growing body of work led by national and international agencies to promote their work in ensuring the involvement of more diverse populations in research and clinical trials
  • Direct all funds raised through external charity fundraising activities to Fred Hollow’s Indigenous Australia Program, seeking to eradicate trachoma (preventable form of blindness) in Indigenous populations by 2020.

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