SiTe cApability Repository Tool (START)

It can be a challenge for Clinical Research Organisations (CROs) to select a clinical trial site during a study-start up process.

Before selecting a site, the Sponsor or CRO performs a feasibility assessment of the site’s research capabilities. Despite the progress of digital platforms, there is a need for a unified format as sites are burdened with the arduous, repetitive task of populating numerous assessments in several formats.

The feasibility assessment also provides an opportunity for the site to consider the suitability of the study relating to resource, capability, capacity, and alignment with the site’s research strategy.  Requests for feasibility assessment completion are often tight requiring a significant collation of information and metrics from various sources. This tool aims to facilitate feasibility assessments by adopting a proactive, dynamic approach to record and maintain a site’s resource, capacity, and capability information.

PRAXIS was commissioned by the Cancer Institute NSW to co-develop The SiTe cApability Repository Tool (START). PRAXIS and the Cancer Institute NSW also acknowledge the contribution of Clinical Trials Unit managers and staff who provided valuable input in the START tool.

Scope of START

START is a tool for facilitation that utilizes a centralised repository of your site’s resources and capabilities. Through shared access, this can help to reduce administrative burden, improve workflows and support efficient and informed decision-making.

You can download the START Tool for just $199 + GST.