Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) Essentials

Australia’s Most Comprehensive HREC Training Model

Updated to the revised National Statement, PRAXIS HREC offers are the preferred training solutions of HRECs across Australia to prepare for and comply with the new requirements. These expert solutions will provide you with the knowledge you need of the major changes to chapter 2.1 and section 5 of the National Statement. 

Our training and education offers have been developed according to Australian and international best practice standards, built upon the competencies developed by the Harvard Multi-Regional Trials Centre (MRCT) and aligned to competencies recommended by the NHMRC.

Our training offers are regarded as a benchmark for research, ethics and clinical trial professionals in Australia and internationally.

“Completing this course has been a pleasure. This new knowledge has given me the confidence to articulate the principles of ethical research apply them to contemporary issues. It has increased both my confidence and competence. I’d recommend this course to research students, research project officers and all members of HREC. The course would be very beneficial as a set component of any induction process for new HREC committee members.” Dr Margaret Brechman-Toussaint, HREC Committee Member, Queensland

“The session was excellent – it surpassed my expectations and was stimulating and extremely interesting. [The facilitator] is a natural and gifted webinar leader. She was very enthusiastic, warm and engaging and sought the participation of all in a stimulating well. Importantly, she is also very articulate, and was able to provide useful feedback and other relevant information and examples to extend and enrich the discussion.” – Dr Priscilla Seyfort Board Member NFP organisations/RCH HREC member

This course provides HREC Executives, Managers, Researchers and Committee Members with a deeper understanding of the purpose and function of HRECs and their role within them. HREC Essentials includes many downloadable resources, videos, short activities, and case studies written by industry experts.

It is the ideal training solution for anyone new to Research Ethics or those wishing to upskill and increase their knowledge in this unique area of practice.

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Download Our Full List of Modules and Electives Here

Download a copy of the course brochure here that provides more information about each of the 10 online modules and the course.

*Savings available for group enrolments and for PRAXIS partner organisations.

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Course $1149pp (plus GST) 10 units of online study

Undertaking a self evaluation process is highly recommended for all kinds of committees.

However, while the work of HRECs is guided by the National Statement and registered HRECs are required to report on basic aspects of their activities to the NHMRC, there are currently no national guidelines or tools to assist HRECs to review the quality of their function.

PRAXIS Australia Ltd has developed a self evaluation resource to help HRECs assess their performance, and identify their strengths and areas to improve.


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