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PRAXIS Australia training offers are built upon the competencies developed by the Harvard Multi-Regional Trials Centre (MRCT) and aligned to competencies recommended by the NHMRC.

These training offers are regarded as a benchmark for researchers, clinical trials, and healthcare professionals in Australia and internationally.

Louise Jaensch
Louise Jaensch Clinical Trial Coordinator, SA Health
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"Very useful for the changes that are coming in Australia regarding conduct of clinical trials."
Margaret-Ann Tait
Margaret-Ann TaitResearch Manager, University of Sydney
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"Very informative workshop that helps make SOP development an achievable task, not a daunting task. Great for site coordinators and investigators."
Julia Wunderlich
Julia WunderlichSenior Clinical Research Fellow, Bionics Institute
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"The GCP for Devices workshop was exactly what I needed. It reinforced and explained things I already knew and opened my eyes to areas that I need to know more about. [The facilitator] was excellent, personable, authoritive and engaging. They provided plenty of practical examples and anecdotes from real world experience and I could see how my situation related to the GCP principles with the help of those "bridges to reality".
Marc Ruitenberg
Marc RuitenbergAssociate Professor, University of Queensland
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"I really enjoyed the breadth of the course and the great number of relevant topics covered so well in a relatively short amount of time. There were many pearls of wisdom throughout, the ones you only get from someone with years of experience in leadership positions at the highest level. A ‘must do’ course for anyone involved in or interested in ethical processes governing animal research in Australia."
Nuy Chau
Nuy ChauClinical Trials Coordinator, CSIRO
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"What I found most beneficial about the project management workshop was that it was in context of a clinical trials setting so it made the concepts and material more relevant, engaging and palatable. The icing on the cake was the section about self-management - an important message that can often be overlooked and made this course seem more people orientated, placing importance on the human aspect of this industry."
Laura Hewson
Laura HewsonSenior Clinical Research Coordinator, Southern Oncology Clinical Research Unit
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"I came into the Optimising Your Research Budget workshop with a good understanding of budgets already. This workshop solidified the work I was already doing and also gave me a few tips and tricks I could incorporate as well. I walked away with confidence in the work I was conducting at my site."
Claire Carnley
Claire CarnleyClinical Project Officer, Telethon Kids Institute
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“Great session, I really enjoyed learning more about risk-based monitoring. [The facilitators] advice will be extraordinarily helpful in my future clinical monitoring endeavours."
Justin Clarke
Justin ClarkeANU Senior University Veterinarian
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"Fantastic opportunity to ensure we are utilising best practice when it comes to understanding our roles and responsibilities as it relates to the oversight of use of animals in research and teaching."
Talia McConville
Talia McConvilleClinical Trial Liaison Officer, NT Health
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"I found the Strategic Research Management workshop extremely valuable and feel that the knowledge I gained can be effectively applied within my unit. Mel was an outstanding presenter who kept me engaged throughout the entire presentation. I would recommend this workshop to anyone working within a clinical trial unit."
Anna Kilderry
Anna KilderryHREC Chair, Deakin University
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"I found the Committee Chairs workshop to be an informative and timely session and I look forward to attending more PRAXIS workshops and courses."
Danita Kapp
Danita KappClinical Trials Coordinator, Ramsay Health
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"The Optimising Your Research Budget workshop was a great session. It provided helpful tips on what to consider when negotiating a budget. The workshop also reinforced to trial coordinators to not underestimate their value and knowledge in the workplace and that it has to be factored into a trial budget."

Workshop times are Sydney/Canberra/Melbourne time.

An essential solution to strengthen or refresh your knowledge of key concepts that are vital for your role, so that you’re working to the correct standards.

Explore techniques to amplify the voices of consumers while fostering a collaborative environment that drives meaningful impact.

This virtual workshop will consider local regulatory requirements and guidance documents related to monitoring of ethically approved research and clinical trials.

Packed with tips and strategies, you’ll discover the techniques you need to manage your projects successfully and methodically.

Gain expert guidance on your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) development, and how to align your SOPs to quality management principles and standards.

Understand the importance of research conduct and why following GCP leads to excellent science, quality data, reducing risk and keeping participants safe.

This virtual workshop is designed for senior staff working in a clinical research environment. It includes information on budgeting, contract negotiations and managing FTE.

The Strategic Research Management workshop teaches clinical staff and managers business concepts by developing core competencies they can use in growing a successful clinical trials unit.

Better navigate privacy law and regulations to avoid common privacy risks in your research. You’ll get to share experiences with your peers, and learn about unique challenges and strategies for success.

This virtual workshop will provide you with the skills and confidence you need to successfully Chair a Committee.

Suitable for those working across the development lifecycle of Medical Devices including regulators, industry, researchers, research site staff and HREC and governance.

Join us in this interactive workshop where you will learn the key strategies for fostering an environment that encourages your team to thrive.

Are you conducting or wish to conduct research and/or clinical trials with children or adolescents? Gain an overview of the scientific, ethical and practical issues involved in the design and conduct of paediatric research.

Assure compliance and avoid risk by confidently applying the guiding ethical principles, documents, and state and territory legislation in your daily work.

Improve your unit processes, minimize delays, and increase data quality with a Quality Management System (QMS).

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