Testimonials 2021

Research Essentials

This course makes me want to really get serious about research, and it’s giving us clear steps of how. I’d never thought about impact, but that is key – especially in PNG. We need to find out what the Govt goals are, and work with them in accomplishing them.
Very comprehensive and the readings were interesting.
All was very interesting.
Enjoyed the content of the course. Really made me think about what ethics is about.
This was a very interesting course and has provoked thought on Consent and Clinical trials.
Enjoyed the variety of resources between videos, podcasts and readings.
Really impressed by the content and how comprehensive it is. Learnt a lot and enjoyed pondering some of the philosophical concepts.
Great information!
A very interesting and thorough unit- I wish I had completed this at the beginning of my research degree!
[Ethical Considerations in Research was an] excellent unit; the case study was a thought provoking means of reviewing and checking my understanding of the principles in the National Statement.
I enjoyed this topic and can see the relevance to my role as a Clinical Trials Coordinator.

HREC Essentials

I am finding it very useful and highly relevant –   I really like the content and the examples [are] fascinating! I’m studying anthropology so I am interested in the ethical dilemmas faced by social scientists. Great course- I want all my staff to do the training- well worth it! 
I enjoy getting your ‘marked’ emails with feedback…Thank you for all of your guidance and feedback.
I am an experienced member but still learnt a lot from this course.
I wish this course had been available when I started on the HREC.
This has been an extremely useful course. I have learned a lot of new things, and am now familiar with multiple additional resources that will help with my HREC work.
This course has been great. Exactly what I was looking for.
There were no technical issues in accessing this course and the lay out was easy to follow, thank you.
A very well constructed course.
I found the course extremely helpful. My teacher was extremely patient, understanding and gave me constructive guidance throughout the course.
Study co-ordinator would respond in a very prompt fashion.
Thank you for this course. I enjoyed the way it was delivered and appreciated receiving the feedback on my submissions.

Project Management Workshop

Found [the workshop] so interactive and certainly so inspiring. Looking forward to implementing all that I have learnt. Thank you!
Group work and bouncing ideas was extremely useful. Thank-you Melanie and Tim.
Room very engaged – love the resources that have come from this and developing my action plan! Every subject covered well and group discussion were very well received.
An extremely informative day. Plenty to think about, action and implement. Thankyou.
As a nurse, business project management is something that I’ve been involved in at a very basic level. Now new to the team leader position, this course was so beneficial, especially the tod’s presented and risk based management in trials in terms of budget and start up. Tips on email management was something very exciting to learn!
I really enjoyed this workshop, and learned a lot about project management, communication and risk management. Thankyou so much!!! It was an excellent experience.
It was great, very interactive and we could relate it to situations we experience. Great presenters – thanks 🙂 Very engaging!
This was a great workshop. Has taught me a lot. Hope I have more opportunities to attend.
The workshop was very useful for a prospective new project manager to learn the key aspects.
I have really been inspired to set out each project on different spreadsheets to keep on top of everything.
Firstly, thank you very much for the informative session today on the topic of Business Essentials: Supporting a Thriving Clinical Trials Sector and please pass on our thanks also to Mel G. You were both fantastic and highly engaging presenters. Nicole and I found the content extremely beneficial to our practices here at Tasman.
Was able to apply some of the principles targeted toward sponsored trials, into investigator led processes. Resources and templates can easily be adapted, and these will be great to receive. Presenter(s) were so knowledgeable and willing to work through a wide range of questions. A fantastic session.
A lot of material covered and good tools available and appreciated.
Thanks so much for a very informative workshop. It was really helpful for me and I have lots of ideas to bring back for action.
Good for creating a business mindset throughout your work.
Thank you for an informative day. I have at least 3 actions that I will take away to make improvements and to off load to my team. Not only to take some of the work from my role, but also to provide a development opportunity for them too.

Monitoring Approved Research Workshop

I personally enjoyed the workshop, and very much appreciated Tim’s presentation and his wealth of experience in this area. I will definitely be recommending the Praxis training courses, and hope to participate in another workshop in the future.
Excellent that the workshop covered all aspects of human research – not just clinical trials.
It was a good insight into the complex process of monitoring above our level of involvement. This will allow for better communication with Sponsor CRA’s.
Opened my eyes to so much more we could be doing in our space. The tools & resources will be very valuable.
Good place, useful resources, useful ways to move forward in a monitoring plan.
Well organised and thorough presentation. Right amount of activities and resources.
Great workshop! Content was clear and practical.

Good Clinical Practice Workshop

Course was excellent. Could have sat for another day I loved it that much.
Looking forward to more sessions. This was great. 5 hours was a good time.

Privacy in Research Workshop

Really appreciated the insights into encryption, and the importance of using terms and language which are clear and can be understood by techies and privacy practitioners alike. Loved the list of principles which included minimising collection and use of personal information, etc. Great job, and thank you for providing this opportunity to join in today.
Catering was great. Discussion among attendees was helpful, it was great that Andrea encouraged discussion and questions from the group.
Really current, Australian examples which were relevant and across local/highly applied context. Great.
Enjoyable and provided a good basis for understanding Privacy.
Fabulous workshop. I thought It was going to be dry but it was far from it! GREAT.