The Perils of Impatience and the Risk of Rapid Research

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You may be aware of the much discussed retraction last week of the #Lancet article which claimed that hydroxychloroquine was associated with increased in-hospital mortality and ventricular arrhythmia when used to treat #Covid19.

The harms caused by this publication are many. Importantly, it causes the public to question their faith in #medicine, #research and #clinicaltrials and damages the case for the use of #AI and #RWD in #clinicaltrials. Critical right now, as we turn to research to answer the questions about tackling this pandemic.

The failures are at many levels, including the #peerreview process. In this #Nature briefing, our PRAXIS Australia Ltd Director, Ian Kerridge, and Macquarie Uni Bioethicist, Wendy Rogers, discuss some of the critical and ongoing impacts of this paper.

#researchfraud #integrity #clinicaltrials #realworlddata #peerreview#hydroxychloroquine #lancetgate

Link to full article:

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