Training and Education for Health New Zealand

PRAXIS Australia is delighted to partner with Health NZ to provide expert training and education to Health NZ research and clinical trial staff.

Materials have been customised to the NZ regulatory environment and to Treaty of Waitangi and cultural safety awareness.

Enrolment instructions:

  1. In the enrolment form below, select the course you would like to enrol in from the ‘Course Type’ drop down menu (see course information and inclusions below)
  2. Enter Coupon designated to your region (see table below)
  3. Enter personal details
    1. Name – use the name you want on your Certificate of Completion
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Once you have successfully registered you will receive an email from PRAXIS within 1-2 business days with further enrolment instructions.

All PRAXIS modules are online, on demand / self-paced. Modules must be completed within 12 months of enrolment.

Course Options

Health New Zealand PRAXIS Course 1: Clinical Trial Operations Staff

  • C5.01 Good Clinical Practice
  • C2.06 Cultural Safety in Research, NZ Version – Te Tiriti of Waitangi based
  • C2.01 Introduction to Ethics
  • C2.10 Consent to Research
  • C3.06 Essential Documents in CTs
  • C4.04 Data Management, Privacy, Security and Governance
  • C5.07 Research Integrity & Research Misconduct
  • EC.04 Principles of Research Governance

Health New Zealand PRAXIS Course 2: Emerging Researcher

  • C3.02 Principles of Project Planning
  • C1.02 Identifying and Formulating Research Questions
  • C1.03 Evidence in Research
  • C1.04 Differentiating Research from Innovation, Clinical Care, Audit and QA
  • C1.05 Research Design and Methods
  • C1.06 Designing a Research Proposal
  • C6.06 Skills for ‘Getting Published’
  • C3.07 Quality Assurance for Clinical Trial sites
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