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Who We Are

PRAXIS Australia is a not-for-profit charity created by our members in 2015. 
Our purpose is to provide high quality, relevant and accessible education and training to build the confidence and capability of those working in clinical trials, research and ethics.
Education and training are the key our broader purpose: to enhance the wellbeing and experience of research participants and those working in health care in Australia and internationally.
We are a leading Australian and International NFP education and training provider, successfully building the confidence, competence and capability of the clinical trials, medtech, research and ethics sectors.  We are achieving this by collaborating with government, industry, academia and advocacy organisations across the sector.

Our Values

Diversity, Leadership, Respect, Collegiality, Equity, Trust, Quality, Innovation.

Our Member Organisations

PRAXIS brings together a number of the most influential and respected leaders in education, research, clinical trials and research ethics from across Australia.

Bellberry Limited

Bellberry Limited is a national, private not-for-profit organisation providing streamlined scientific and ethical review of human research projects across Australia.

Bellberry’s mission is to promote and improve the welfare of human research participants and the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of research. 

Bellberry was formed in 2004 following the recognition of a need for a Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) to service the valuable human and health research being conducted within the private sector. Bellberry not only reviews clinical drug trials, but also provide review for social science and observational studies.

Our expert committees provide streamlined scientific and ethical reviews of human research projects across the country. We are a national, private, not-for-profit organisation that returns its profits to the medical research sector.

Bellberry Limited started with one Human Research Ethics Committee offering a monthly meeting to researchers in South Australia. The concept of the private, unaffiliated, non institutional based HREC grew and today Bellberry HRECs are able to provide the same high quality, independent ethics reviews with 12 committee’s running up to 3 meetings each week.

Bellberry Human Research Ethics Committees comply with the strict guidelines for clinical trials as set by the NHMRC and ensure that “all kinds of research involving or impacting on humans conform to the highest standards of ethical practice and academic integrity.”

Bellberry’s NHMRC certified HREC’s are the first of their type within Australia and were recognised in the McKeon review as a Best Practice example. Bellberry Human Research Ethics Committees (HRECs) are professionally managed and operate 24/7 through a dedicated electronic portal providing a paperless and secure HREC process.

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University of Sydney

Leading to improve the world around us

Since our inception, we have believed in education for all and leadership that improves lives in all of the communities that we serve.

The values that inspire our work
Four clusters of values inform the University’s ongoing commitment to excellence and transforming our culture so that everyone – across all of our campuses – can thrive.

Courage and creativity

  • We challenge the status quo so that we can find new ways of thinking.
  • We will work together in a culture that adapts to change and is unafraid of failure.
  • We will not be limited by what we know now; rather, we will encourage each other to explore further and imagine a better world.

Respect and integrity

  • We value every member of the University for the contribution they can make to our collective success.
  • We will act with the highest regard for academic freedom, collegiality, and robust and respectful debate.
  • When we disagree, we will not dismiss each other’s ideas, nor undervalue expertise.

Diversity and inclusion

  • Our work is stronger because we value different and unique perspectives.
  • We will advocate for all to realise their full potential.
  • We will never limit people’s pursuit of excellence on the basis of their background or circumstances.

Openness and engagement

  • We will seek and be open to new ideas.
  • We will make a global impact by listening to and understanding the needs and aspirations of others.
  • We will always look for what we can learn and how we can contribute to the wellbeing of the communities we serve.

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Monash University via Global Reconciliation

The Centre for Ethics in Medicine and Society (CEMS) is a project of Global Reconciliation, an Australian-led initiative that promotes dialogues and practical engagements across cultural, political, racial, religious, national and other differences. CEMS is engaged in research, education and practice in relation to the ethical aspects of medicine, health care and the biological sciences. It works broadly and collaboratively with individuals and organisations around the world from clinical, academic, education and community backgrounds to enhance understanding and to build capacity in these fields.

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Global Reconciliation is an Australian-led, global initiative that promotes dialogues and practical engagements across cultural, political, racial, religious, national and other differences. We facilitate and research reconciliation practice, partnerships and learning, both locally and globally. We bring together theory and practice to explore the potential of everyday activities – such as healthcare, spirituality, sport, and the arts – to foster reconciliation. We aim to draw together the diverse resources of communities around the world to conduct projects which enhance learning, understanding, health and wellbeing. Our work is community based rather than political or diplomatic. We believe that focused efforts are necessary to develop dialogue, understanding and relationships between people and groups.

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Enjoyed the content of the course. Really made me think about what ethics is about.
Great information!
Really current, Australian examples which were relevant and across local/highly applied context. Great.