Are you prepared for 2023?

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The skills and knowledge required in clinical trials, research and ethics are constantly changing.

You can take advantage of our flexible and innovative training offers to ensure that you are prepared for these changes and new and updated sector guidelines. Our courses will help you get ready for the National Clinical Trials Governance Framework assessments in 2023, which PRAXIS will develop training for with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.

We are here to support you with training solutions to help you prepare. 


The benefits of investing in you

Keeping your knowledge and skills up-to-date will:

  1. Keep you ahead of industry changes and the future of work
  2. Help you master your career path
  3. Strengthen your expertise
  4. Boost your reputation
  5. Make you feel more confident, engaged and fulfilled
  6. Reduce workplace risk

How we can help you meet your learning goals

PRAXIS Australia has long supported the development of the sector’s workforce. Our programs are aligned with the competency frameworks of the Harvard MRCT and NHMRC and help organisations to meet the quality and safety requirements of clinical trial operations.

Our flexible, expert-led training solutions will help boost your confidence and capacity by sharpening your knowledge of the latest standards, regulations, and workflow strategies across research and clinical trials.

Now is the time to plan for gaining the skills you need for the industry changes ahead. Our solutions will help you remain confident and capable in your work.

You can explore our extensive range of industry-endorsed training solutions to find one that best suits your needs. You can also contact us if you’d like to discuss your individual training needs and how we can support you.


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