Research Essentials

A world class, competency based clinical trials and research training program composed of over 65 distinct online modules and electives.

It has been designed to meet the unique and lifelong training needs of all those involved in research and clinical trials.

Research Essentials was created to build capacity and capability across the research and clinical trials sector and to support high quality, reliable, ethical research, that can change people’s lives now and into the future.

We challenge all those working in research and clinical trials to think more critically about the issues that impact how they design, conduct and manage research. 

Research Essentials is used by those wishing to upskill – and by organisations and institutions who want to build their own educational programs or platforms.

Participants can also claim CPD points on successful completion: 24 points for a core skill set, and 3 CPD points for each module.

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You can;

Who is Research Essentials suitable for?

Research Essentials is designed to benefit those involved in Research, Industry, Healthcare and Academic Sectors.

Research Essentials is suitable for:

Research Essentials – Course Overview

Learn more about the Competency Domains and the modules that fit under each area

Research Essentials – Core Skill Sets

Choose a Skill Set or make your own

Download Our Full List of Modules and Electives Here

Detailed Module and Elective descriptions

What is the time commitment?

Most Research Essentials modules take about 2-4 hours of focused study to complete online. A course of around 30 modules and electives would take you around a year to complete and a Skill Set or Competency(about 8-10 modules) around 6 months.

What sort of qualification do I get at the end?

After completing each module, you will get a certificate of completion that you can download from our online system. This can be used for accruing CPD points: 24 points for a core skill set, and 3 CPD points for each module.

Are there assessment tasks?

Yes – each module has around 3-4 short answer or multiple-choice assessment tasks built-in so you can check your knowledge as you progress.

How do I know what is the right choice for me?

Pricing for Individuals

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Product Cost Inclusions
Course $2,500 (plus GST) Choose up to 24 Modules and 6 Electives - or let our online system design a course for you once you have enrolled and paid
Competency $950 (plus GST) Comprised of up to 10 modules under the nominated Competency Domain (C1, C2, etc)
Core Skills Set $950 (plus GST) Approx. 8 modules and electives. Choose a Skill Set from our brochure or design your own
Module $180ea (plus GST) A module starts with the affix “C” ie“C5.01. Choose one or more
Elective $250ea (plus GST) An Elective starts with the affix “E” ie “EM.01”. Choose one or more.

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