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Ensuring Quality and Safety in Paediatric Research

Average rating:

“I really enjoyed the collaborative nature of the workshop. [The facilitator] was fantastic and I think made everyone feel that their experience was valued. Despite the online format, it had more of a face-to-face feel than most online workshops I have attended in the past.”
– Teletrial Coordinator, QLD Health

“I’ve attended quite a few PRAXIS workshops and I’ve always left feeling it had delivered. The content is always presented clearly and I always come away with a sense of how I can utilise that information in my role.” – Alison Harwood, Research Ethics Officer, The University of Adelaide

Are you conducting or wish to conduct research or clinical trials with children or young people?

As a researcher, you have additional responsibilities when working with children and young people to ensure their rights, safety and wellbeing are maintained.

Children and young people are inherently vulnerable, and what may be acceptable practices in adults can pose increased risks in children and young people. Therefore, you must ensure your research is designed, developed, conducted, and reported in a way that takes these risks into account and minimises them.

In this interactive workshop, you will gain critical knowledge of paediatric research protocol design, common ethical and practical issues, and your role and responsibilities as a researcher to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your paediatric participants. 

This workshop will help you to design and conduct research in children and young people that is safe, ethically and scientifically sound, with merit and integrity.

PRAXIS has partnered with the Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center (MRCT) of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard on a Research in Children project on international paediatric standards.

What will you learn?

On completion, you will:

  1. Know the differences between children and adults in paediatric research, and why this matters

  2. Know the necessity of research in the paediatric population

  3. Understand paediatric research protocol design

  4. Know the unique ethical considerations in paediatric research

  5. Have an understanding of the paediatric research regulatory environment

  6. Understand informed consent

  7. Know the practical challenges in conducting paediatric research

  8. Gain a better understanding of your role and responsibility as a researcher

What you will leave with

  • Renewed confidence in performing research with children and young people
  • A better understanding of the risks involved in your research with paediatric participants, and how to account for these
  • A thorough understanding of the unique ethical considerations in paediatric research
  • Confidence in reviewing and improving your current systems and processes
  • Knowledge of how to approach confidentiality and parent access to information


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Rebecca Doyle

Rebecca Doyle is a Nurse Researcher at Children’s Health Queensland, an Adjunct Research Fellow at the University of Queensland, and a current member of the CHQ Human Research Ethics Committee and the CHQ Clinical Ethics Committee. She has a background in Paediatric Intensive Care nursing and has been working in paediatric research for the past 9 years in various roles with universities and health services.

Rebecca’s research interests include infectious diseases, vaccine preventable diseases, immunisation, clinical trials, health equity and ethical aspects of research with children. Rebecca has completed a Master of Medical Research with a thesis title of: Prohibiting deferred consent can lead to research bias in clinical trials within Paediatric Intensive Care Units.


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TBC 2024: 10.00am – 14.00pm

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