PROgress Program

PROgress Program: Information for host sites

How does the program work?

The clinical trials sector is in high demand for a skilled workforce. The growth in the sector requires an accelerated format for skill development.

Interns will be new graduates in health science. We will recruit interns for each site and provide you with an opportunity to review the CV, education, and a short video of the intern interview. A full Program Handbook is available with the training inclusions and requirements.

Do we get paid for hosting the intern placement?

There is no payment to the site for hosting an intern. There are significant benefits to your team from hosting, which we can expand further during the call, if you choose to proceed.

Do we have to pay the interns a wage?

Yes. Interns are to be engaged under a casual contract with wages paid. This is the best way to ensure students can actively participate in work activities (being added to delegation logs to complete study tasks, covered by site insurance). Volunteer interns are not able to actively engage in work, which is limiting to the accelerated format of the program. Interns would be on site for a minimum of 3 days per week (0.6 FTE), for 3 months.

Do we have to offer a permanent position once the internship has finished?

No. There is no obligation to offer the interns a role at the conclusion of the program. While it is a great opportunity to onboard a potential staff member in supported format, achievement of the program goals includes the intern being able to approach new job opportunities with some sector experience.

The site will appoint a site mentor for the intern to implement the goal-achievement framework. PRAXIS will provide the mentoring training and community of practice for the selected mentors. This has been a significant benefit for previous site hosts as their senior staff have been exposed to leadership and development training and networking opportunities.

PROgress Program: Application for Host Organisations

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