Privacy in Research: What do you need to know? 

Essential knowledge for Researchers, Research Managers and Coordinators, HRECs and Research Governance staff.

Facilitated by Andrea Calleia, Salinger Privacy.


Ethical research requires consideration of “privacy and confidentiality” in research design and conduct. Federal, State and Territory privacy law delegates some important decision-making about when the use and disclosure of “personal information” will be legally allowed.

What do these phrases mean? Where does ‘consent’ fit in? When can privacy considerations be overridden?

This 2-hour webinar is specially designed to explore Federal privacy law, and its application to research. This webinar is applicable to anyone involved in research design, conduct, ethical review and governance.

Session Outline


$150 plus GST


  • 15th October 10:00am – 12:00midday AEST
  • 3rd December 10:00am – 12:00midday AEST

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