New career pathways into ground-breaking treatments for those working in rare and untreatable cancers in Australia

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Leading education provider PRAXIS Australia has partnered with Omico to deliver a ground-breaking, innovative program that will open new cancer treatment paths and clinical trial careers for Australians.

Omico’s Precision Oncology Screening Platform Enabling Clinical Trials (PrOSPeCT) is a ground-breaking initiative that harnesses cutting-edge technology in precision medicine and comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) to accelerate personalised treatment whilst maximising opportunities in clinical trials. The program is a national first.

PRAXIS Australia has been selected to deliver innovative training and traineeship support that will underpin PrOSPeCT’s activities. PRAXIS will provide training for 40 clinical trial coordinators and research associates across Australia. Opening pathways in regional, rural, and remote areas, to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and people of varying cultural and language diversity is an important aim of the program.


Nationally recognised training and education

The training will adopt a learner-centred approach and will be tailored to the individual training needs of participants. The training will consist of PRAXIS Australia’s highly regarded Core Skill Set packages, providing industry standard, competency-based education in professional areas of Clinical Trials Researcher, Clinical Trials Coordinator or Clinical Trials Manager. Participants will also complete PRAXIS Australia’s expert-led Clinical Trials 101 workshop series to gain a toolkit of essential knowledge and skills and best-practice techniques used by sector experts.

PrOSPeCT will generate new opportunities for research scientists involved in genomics, clinical trials, and diagnostics. It is estimated to provide 650+ new jobs in 2 years and $135 million of savings for Australia’s healthcare system.

Upholding Australia’s global reputation in state-of-the-art research starts with strengthening workforce skills and capacity, which is where PRAXIS Australia lead.

“Australia’s growing clinical trial sector, and workforce shortage is well documented. It’s imperative that we ensure our workforce stays current in this rapidly innovating environment. An effective way to do this is through globally recognised, industry-standard education and training that incorporates training involving on-the-job application within clinical trial settings,” said Sally Armstrong, CEO, PRAXIS Australia.

Creating clear career pathways and future-proofing Australia’s workforce are key aims of the program. The program is grounded in national and global best-practice standards and includes clear competency frameworks and a tiered mentoring approach to ensure entry-level staff are adequately equipped with the latest skills and knowledge they need for the workplace. “We are now seeking suitably qualified clinical trial trainees and host sites throughout Australia, and in regional, rural and remote areas who would like to participate”, said Ms Armstrong. “Opening up opportunities to people in the regions, and inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is a priority for this program.” she said.


Maintaining Australia’s reputation as a global leader

“The clinical trial landscape demands more from our workforce than ever before, and demands will accelerate as the sector continues to grow. Attracting people into the sector and ensuring clear development pathways for them in critical areas is one way to help build the pipeline of professionals needed to meet the demands of the sector” said Professor John Zalcberg, OAM, Director of PRAXIS Australia. “Cancer research is rapidly advancing as science and technology continue to evolve, so keeping Australia’s workforce current will ensure we uphold our reputation as global leaders in this space,” said Professor Zalcberg.

PrOSPeCT is projected to strengthen Australia’s health care and drive future innovations and developments in oncology research in Australia.

“Through PrOSPeCT, we will fast-track the development, manufacturing and use of precision, personalised cancer treatments, changing lives while creating jobs and building Australia’s sovereign capability in rational drug development,” said Professor David Thomas, head of Genomic Cancer Medicine at the Garvan Institute and CEO of the Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Centre (Omico).

“PrOSPeCT will help future-proof the Australian health care system and develop a national ecosystem to take research and development and data systems forward, making Australia globally competitive,” Professor Thomas said.

The PRAXIS Australia PrOgress program is now open for host site and traineeship applications. Spots are limited – to learn more and apply for this national first initiative, visit: PrOgress Traineeship Program.

About PRAXIS Australia

PRAXIS Australia is a leading education and training and traineeship program provider that helps build the capability and capacity of the clinical trials, research, and ethics sector in Australia and internationally. PRAXIS offers have been built upon Harvard Multi-Regional Trials Centre competencies and aligned to NHMRC competencies. PRAXIS has high-level expertise in traineeship programs and is the sector leader for research and clinical trial traineeships in Australia, with the aim to expand globally.

Professor John Zalcberg OAM:

Professor John Zalcberg is the Head of Cancer Research and NHMRC (MRFF) Practitioner Fellow within the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University and Tony Charlton Chair of Oncology at Alfred Health. He is also the current Chair of the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA).

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