Three reasons why you and your team need refresher training

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Why is refresher training essential for a successful career in research and clinical trials?


Firstly, the research and clinical trial landscape is rapidly evolving: teletrials, AI, the National Clinical Trials Governance Framework, and updates to sector guidelines. Reviewing key concepts allows you to adapt your skills and knowledge to change and help you feel in control.

Secondly, knowledge can fade over time. This means most of us must occasionally revisit and review important concepts. Refresher training helps keep key knowledge up to date.

Finally, refresher training reduces mistakes, improves efficiency and enhances productivity by reinforcing best practices and industry standards.

Our Clinical Trials 101 virtual workshop series is an essential solution to strengthen or refresh your knowledge of key concepts that are vital for your role, so that you’re working to the correct standards.


This workshop will help you:

  • Define and identify the different clinical trial types
  • Understand Good Clinical Practice to ensure participant safety and data integrity
  • Know your roles and responsibilities in clinical trials to avoid risk and excel in your role
  • Understand research ethics and governance and how it applies to your work
  • Confidently navigate regulatory requirements to ensure you are compliant
  • Successfully recruit for your next clinical trial to avoid delays or early termination
  • Set an effective budget for a clinical trial to maximise your finances


Regardless of your experience level, Clinical Trials 101 can add value to your role and help take your career to new heights.


PRAXIS Australia training offers are built upon the competencies developed by the Harvard Multi-Regional Trials Centre (MRCT) and aligned to competencies recommended by the NHMRC.

These training offers are regarded as a benchmark for researchers, clinical trials, and healthcare professionals in Australia and internationally.


What are people like you are saying about this workshop?

  • “A great presenter with excellent knowledge and lived experience in clinical trials. The workshop assisted with further information of clinical trials to help with knowledge past the initial ‘what are trials’ phase. Great workshop!” – Mardi Cleggett, Manager, Clinical Trials and Research, Mildura Base Public Hospital
  • “It was very valuable to add formal learning to my largely experiential knowledge. I really enjoyed the presentation style; the content was highly relevant and accessible for all levels of experience. It was inspiring to have tools advocated to help manage competing demands. I would recommend this workshop to anyone working in clinical trials – whether novice or experienced, looking to develop or refresh their knowledge.” – Bernadette Rickards, Clinical Research Nurse, University of Queensland
  • “The trainer was very knowledgeable and provided lived experiences as examples – this really helped provide context and understanding to the topics of discussion.” – Morgan Carlton, Clinical Research Coordinator, QLD Health


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