PRAXIS PROgresss Program  

An immersive career accelerator program

With new technologies, sector reforms and a well-documented skill shortage across Australia, strengthening your workforce capacity through accelerated development has never been more important. Sector authorities also agree that it’s essential to enable pathways to clinical trial careers through education and training to solve the crucial skill gaps in Australia’s clinical trial workforce.

You can now harness the most complete learning experience to strengthen the capacity of your team.

Using proven goal achievement, communities of practice, and mentoring and capability frameworks, the PROgress Program harnesses a unique training model to accelerate the development of your research team, boosting workforce capability and site capacity.

What makes this program unique?

New and early career clinical trial coordinators (CTCs) have varied backgrounds and levels of experience. PROgress addresses the critical skill gaps unique to each professional by providing them with expert training and education, under a flexible learning model.

PROgress supports early career CTCs, including those who are not working in the sector yet, strengthening the development of key competencies by allowing them to implement what they have learned directly into the workplace setting.

PROgress is aimed at building and enhancing the skills of those on the front line of clinical trial activity in Australia.

Embracing and building on emerging learning trends, this program enables you and your team to harness a blended learning environment that creates a truly integrated classroom. This ensures the needs of any learner type is met, challenges are overcome, and information is retained. The flexible learning model ensures staff can complete training around competing priorities at the site.

Program inclusions:

  • Tri-tiered mentoring framework to overcome challenges rapidly, feel supported and accelerate development
  • Site mentor training and development for your senior staff, increasing leadership capacity in your team
  • Online interactive workshops and eLearning modules based on global clinical trials competencies
  • Flexibility in learning, so staff can complete activities around their protocol schedules 
  • Introductory content to develop strong foundation knowledge of sector requirements  
  • Advanced training solutions extend CTC knowledge
  • Suitable for your existing staff or,
  • Access our bank of qualified and eager sector entrants to expand your team

Who should apply?

Nurses, health science graduates, and other health professionals who are pursuing careers in clinical trials.

Internship is only available to Australian citizens and permanent residents.

Key dates

Site Expressions of Interest are now open for 2024 programs.

Simply complete the EOI form.

Program places are limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Submit EOI as a Host Site for PROgress Program

Benefits to participants

  1. Accelerated development, engagement and accountability vital in today’s landscape

  2. Gain mentoring support for accountability and accelerated development

  3. Individualised guidance and encouragement towards their professional development goals

Benefits to senior site mentors

  1. Valuable opportunities to strengthen leadership skills in a supported learning environment

  2. Access to advanced mentor training and experience

  3. Toolkit of resources to guide conversations between senior site staff and trainees

Benefits to sites

  1. Accelerate the development of teams, resulting in quicker return on investment

  2. Fast-track project success with more effective and efficient skill development

  3. Engage in proven goal setting and achievement frameworks, increasing staff retention and development

Immersive training programs

Who should apply?

  • Entry level clinical trials staff
  • Senior CTCs and Research Managers

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are encouraged to apply.

Applications are also encouraged from regional, rural and remote participants.

Traineeships are only available to Australian citizens and permanent residents.