PRAXIS PROgresss Program  

An immersive career accelerator program

Immersive training programs

With new technologies, sector reforms and a well-documented skill shortage across Australia, strengthening the clinical trial workforce capacity through accelerated development has never been more important. Sector authorities also agree that it’s essential to enable pathways to clinical trial careers through education and training to solve the crucial skill gaps in Australia’s clinical trial workforce. 

Harness the most complete learning experience for clinical trial staff development today!  

Using proven goal achievement, communities of practice, mentoring and capability frameworks,  and an immersive practical component at clinical trial sites nationally, the PROgress Program harnesses a unique training model to accelerate the development of research staff, boosting workforce capability and site capacity

PROgress is aimed at building and enhancing the skills of those on the front line of clinical trial activity in Australia. 

Benefits to participants

  1. Accelerated development, engagement and accountability vital in today’s landscape

  2. Gain mentoring support for accountability and accelerated development

  3. Individualised guidance and encouragement towards their professional development goals

Benefits to senior site mentors

  1. Valuable opportunities to strengthen leadership skills in a supported learning environment

  2. Access to advanced mentor training and experience

  3. Toolkit of resources to guide conversations between senior site staff and trainees

Benefits to sites

  1. Accelerate site capacity with this no cost-training solution, resulting in a quicker return on investment
  2. Fast-track project success with more effective and efficient skill development

  3. Engage in proven goal setting and achievement frameworks, increasing staff retention and development

Key dates

Site Expressions of Interest are now open for 2024 programs.

Simply complete the EOI form.

Program places are limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.